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Welcome to The Knowing Way community

The sole intention of this site is to connect spiritually-minded people from all walks of life who are not religiously oriented and are interested in an expanded view of humanity's role on Earth. While the language of this site leans toward personal spiritual sovereignty, this site is not religiously oriented, nor is it dedicated to the teachings of any one distinguished teacher or a particular line of mysticism/philosophy/psychology. The primary dynamic of is to be a resource for individuals as they release the deep inner conflicts that have guided the choices in the life - choices that no longer work for them.


The writings and sharing on this site tend to avoid New Age concepts and focus instead on the simplicity of living a life in which intention and outcome are the same. Through the forums registered users are welcome to add their voice to the conversation of clarity over the need to be right and intention and outcome as the basis for the human experience. There are presently over 500 registered users and members, with many more casual observers dropping by. A group of 11 master teachers from around the world monitor the site to offer assistance to those in purposeful need.